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Best Global Essays to Create Awareness on Car Fuel Efficiency


In the current world of machines and technological gadgets human beings try all possible measures to make their life comfortable and easy. Car pooling is one of the latest tendencies of mankind which, of course, has its own logical reasons. Vehicles are the means for our easy movement from one place to another. We can save much time and energy by commuting in vehicles. Today life moves very fast and every human being is hard pressed for time. We need to make effective use of cars by being aware of the fact that fuel is expensive. It should not be misused; but we need to be extra cautious about fuel efficiency. The technologically-driven world of today has professional writing services online which undertake all kinds of writing. There are thesis writing services, dissertation writing services, services which provide college writing help, essay writing services, term paper writing services, research paper writing services etc. to name a few.


Energy analysts have determined that fuel consumption is increasing everyday at an alarming rate. The travel needs of people have tremendously shot up and so is the influx of vehicles and drivers. If we are unmindful of the fact that energy should be conserved to the maximum extent possible; we will run short of fuel very soon. Some technological measures must be taken to curtail liberal use of fuel. They could be reduction in vehicle weight and improvements in the engine design which would effectively increase the efficiency of vehicles. Fuel efficiency in vehicles is a great concern and a point of serious discussion even in the United States. It is very disheartening to note that fuel emissions cause environmental pollution which will prove disastrous to human life. Increasing fuel prices is yet another burning problem which should be considered seriously.


Cars with high fuel efficiency save consumers money. Fuel efficient cars will also reduce pollution caused by vehicular emissions. Automobile makers need to take special interest in making vehicles highly fuel-efficient and more appealing to customers. Higher fuel economy helps consumers save money. Diesel definitely makes a difference. Diesel vehicles can be converted into bio-diesel which are made using vegetable oils. Bio-diesel vehicles have less emissions and they run at a cheaper cost. Diesel vehicles engines last longer since they are made with more robust parts. They are designed in such a way that they will be able to withstand a powerful explosion too. Fuel taxes are high and it is impossible for the lower middle class people to own vehicles and maintain them. Global warming has already been affecting the environment. Human life has started feeling the irreversible damage which is the most threatening impact of global warming. A steady inflow of more Sports Utility Vehicles also causes environmental pollution.


The energy system is very unstable in the world. The total energy available on earth is very much limited. There is no production of energy; it only has to transform from one form to another. Human needs are increasing at a huge rate as days go by and there is no feasible way by which all those needs can be met. The traditional energy resources mainly include fossil fuels; but given the present human population and his needs that source of energy will deplete rapidly. It is predicted that in approximately 20-25 years from now the source of fossil fuels will get exhausted completely. It is time that we seriously consider this issue and find some alternative for energy conservation. The automobile sector needs to undergo drastic changes for good. Manufacturing fuel-efficient vehicles and renewable energy sources are the needs of the hour. Fuel consumption should be reduced to the extent possible.


Through the internet awareness can be created among the general public about the imminent danger of energy exhaustion if fuel consumption happens at a high rate. Best essays across writing service providers online like dissertation writing service, college writing help also do their bit for a greater social cause like fuel efficiency of cars. Communication, information technology and mass media play a vital role in educating the masses about the issues which encompass human life. Responsible younger generations should do a commendable job by taking the initiative in spreading the message around.





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